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Motion Pictures

Laurie Geltman Live Session w/ The One Night Stand Band

cd coverOn Sunday, July 11, 1999 some of Boston’s best and most beloved musicians gathered for a one-night-only engagement at Cambridge’s legendary Club Passim to help local rocker Laurie Geltman record a special acoustic performance. It was a hot night and the club was sold out for this experimental evening of 16-track digital recording, digital video, and an internet broadcast.

musicians on stageSpecial guests included Jim Fitting (Harmonica), Ramona Silver (vocals and pump organ), Patty Barkas (vocals), Jimmy Ryan (mandolin), Dinty Child (accordion and mandocello), Mike Rivard (upright bass), NYC’s Trina Hamlin (harmonica, vocals and percussion), Mike Castellana (pedal steel), and Ken Schopf & Suzi Lee from the band Slide. Music included unreleased songs, stripped down versions of older material and cover songs special to Geltman.

musicians on stage"The concept was not so much to record a typical concert; this wasn’t a typical show for me. Instead, the audience basically witnessed a recording session, albeit one that was geared to entertain. I invited musicians who could bring their own magic to the stage; players I admired and enjoyed. We had no rehearsals as a group; only one week of small group or one-on-one rehearsals, and wham: we’re making a record. I was taking a chance in a live setting, but the audience, technical team and club staff were amazing and made it happen as much as the musicians."

"Motion Pictures" Title Concept:

"Motion Pictures" (track #3) is the name of a Neil Young song that was covered during the show. The song appeared on Young’s 1974 On The Beach album, but only recently was released on CD. "It’s a beautiful, obscure song that I’ve loved for years. Audiences seem to like it as well, so it’s a joy to be able to bring a gem out like that and share it with people."

The enhanced CDR: Motion Pictures, A Live Session

Filmmaker Kaylyn Thornal shot the entire evening on digital video and directed the enhanced portion of the CD. Along with a live session, an interview and additional footage were used to complete the documentary. Geltman, who was a film major at Boston University and film score major at Berklee College of Music, captured the video stills used for the artwork. There are no photographs used in the artwork.

Check out the quick-n-dirty photo album from the video shoot!

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