New Construction...Without All The Noise! is currently being reimagined for the here and now. Gearing up to release new songs (yay!)...drip, drip...and fit in some of the "archives" for dowloadinng and streams, a new SYNC and Collaboration Section plus PlayGuitarLA! is live and on zoom whenever and wherever you want to learn to play guitar, bass or songwriting. I'm so excited to show you stuff I made in my living room while waiting for the world to turn back on!! In the meantime, keep washing your hands and enjoying your new found freedom. Join me on Instagram at @lgpix13on cause I LOVE photography and currently am travelling cross -country collecting photos and video footage for my (shhhhh....) my 5th album!!...Long time coming, but the songs came so now I need to give them a place to reside. For now, join me on my journey through AMERICA! HearNow Music Store has clips and links to most of the digital outlets selling my music: [you'll have to copy and paste this link] Take care out there people!! xo LG