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"Geltman's comfortable playing full-tilt rock as well as introspective acoustic ballads. She's the whole package."

"Laurie Geltman has always been equal parts rocker and urban songwriter. The local club favorite lets her acoustic heart shine on a live CD, 'Motion Pictures' (RBP) that showcases her probing lyrics and clean, bracing melodies. She has a knack for what songwriters call killer lines, the single image or captured moment that tells a life story in a few words. The CD also highlights her charisma; no matter how hard this woman rocks, she never seems to be putting on a act."
-The Boston Globe

"'Motion Pictures' shows a newly sinuous, quietly dramatic side to Geltman."
-The Boston Herald

"...A style that mixes equal parts grit and revelation. Listeners will hang on her words, but they'll also move to her music."
-San Antonio Express-News

"Laurie Geltman played a proud set that could have fit easily into an arena setting."
-The Boston Globe

"No Power Steering is a jewel in what sometimes seems to be a sea of contemporary music banality."
-Northeast Performer

"Top-flight guitarist...probing lyrics...Geltman has a confident, engaging and radio-ready voice...this is a talent to be reckoned with."
-The Boston Tab

"...Powerful guitar work...Geltman's impassioned rootsy rock works well with her insightful lyrics, which deftly spin the tales of real-world characters."
-San Jose Metro Newspapers

"Startling perception as a songwriter...A stunning debut CD.
-The Union Leader

"Geltman deploys elements of rock, folk, country and punk with panache on No Power Steering, tying them altogether with well-honed hooks and a voice that is tender and corrosive by turns."
-The Boston Herald

"Her lyrics have something to say to nearly everyone."
-The Portsmouth Herald

"Laurie has got what it takes to make it."
-The Album Network

"There are some nifty lyrical moments that snag your attention like a shirt on a barbed-wire fence."
-Songwriter's Monthly

"Her songs are all-knowing tales of life's naked underbelly as it's not quite dragging on the ground...not quite scraping bottom, but almost. No Power Steering is so honest, you can take Geltman's word for it."
-North Shore Magazine

"Unlike many writers who work in a roots/folkish vein, she shows a consistent knack for pop hooks."
-The Boston Phoenix

"A powerhouse performer capable of easing into an earthy ballad or belting out a fiery rocker, Laurie is a reflective writer who draws you in with her vivid images of life ...Her songs, guitar, & vocals get you moving & keep you thinking - this CD does 'It' for us!"
-"CrossTracks", WCUW, Worcester

"While possessing the strong song writing instincts of a folk artist, Geltman is without a doubt a rock and roller..."
-Blink, Nashville's Music Magazine

"...This disc is testament to the fact that Laurie Geltman is destined for bigger and better things. There's an honesty and maturity to these songs that you don't often encounter in today's music. Laurie is that rare breed who can sing, play and write songs that stick with you and make you think..."
-The Noise

No Power Steering is the work of a sophisticated composer. The melodic landscape is panoramic, and Geltman’s timeless music is filled with nuance and texture."
-New England Music Scrapbook


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