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Welcome to "Ramble On," where you'll find current "postcards" from the road when I'm touring, and occasional ramblings about whatever...

10/17/02 Milwaukee, WI

Schlemiel, Schlemazel...Welcome to Milwaukee

When I related to a roomful of Wisconites that I read recently Drew Barrymore is thinking about casting herself and Courtney Love in the roles of Laverne & Shirley for the MOVIE version of the beloved Brewtown sitcom, the disapproval was palpable. Not just one eyebrow up, head-shakin' condemnation, but pragmatic discussion about the shapes of both of these women's faces and how neither one of them was physically fit to play Shirley. This was a serious matter.

As was the monthly Brady St. neighborhood association meeting I attended when attention turned to Harley Davidson's 100th anniversary celebration coming this summer; hundreds of thousands of Harley riders from around the world will descend on Milwaukee, birthplace of the HOG. The conclusion; no beer tents on Brady St. Not to worry Easy Riders. As I discovered quickly, finding a place to drink in Milwaukee is no harder than bumping into a pedestrian in NYC.

My song "Milwaukee" just couldn't wait for tonight's gig at The Tasting Room (where my name has been on the marquee for several weeks, alongside Local Brew). Last night, I slipped into an open mike at a cool little pub called Linneman's. It'd been too long between shows and I was getting itchy. I ended up doing a mini-set and couldn't help myself, I HAD TO PLAY "Milwaukee" for the locals. When I got to the line, "We'll throw a party in your honor/Since you're drinkin' again", cheers erupted and I realized the irony was either lost in the smoky, beer swillin' din or they've got no issues with slipping off the wagon. Nevertheless, it went over well and I can't wait to play it tonight.

Last tidbit: I'm still trying to track down the details, but apparently Golda Meir was from Milwaukee. Something about all that 70's footage from Israel and her heavy Russian accent doesn't add up, but that's the word here and they even named a building for her at UWM. Could explain the whole Schlemiel, Schlemazel thing though...

One, Two, Three 0'Clock, Four 0'clock ROCK. Gotta get ready for the show.

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