The World Premiere of the
MUSIC  Video “Radio” 
was FUN
Thanks if you were (virtually) there!
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 The Single "Radio" Out Now Everywhere
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"Radio (Single) Cover by Juliet Gilden IG: @juliets_paintings

Laurie Geltman wraps a lifetime of music fandom into three glorious minutes of pop. "Radio" is a love letter to those songs that you can't forget, the ones that hit your heart at first listen. And wouldn't you know, "Radio" is exactly that kind of song.” - -Brett Milano

— Author, Music Critic; Boston Herald, New Orleans OffBeat, and UMusic

A Songwriter's rocker: Laurie Geltman has always been equal parts rocker and urban songwriter...She has a knack for what songwriters call killer lines, the single image or captured moment that tells a life story in a few words. The CD [Motion Pictures] also highlights her charisma; no matter how hard this woman rocks, she never seems to be putting on an act.” - Scott Alarik

— Boston Globe

Geltman's comfortable playing full-tilt rock as well as introspective acoustic ballads. She's the whole package.” - Ken Capobianco

— Billboard

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