Six-Minute Documentary embedded in the original CD for Motion Pictures (Live at Club Passim with the One-Night Stand Band, 7-11-99)


Laurie w/ Daniel Kellar (Violin, B. Voc)

July 9, 2016 @ *Right Turn, Watertown, MA. 

Daniel Kellar & I hadn't played together since 2010 on a short East Coast tour. Back in LA, I stopped gigging altogether in 2011 due to illness. This day, July 9th happened to mark the 2-year anniversary of an operation that made me better. We didn't rehearse, but had almost 30 years of history already in our bones, so we kept it loose. I pulled this cover out due to some world conflict at the time; a song by Graham Nash I had played as a kid.  Daniel and I had performed “Military Madness” on rare occasion when we were on the folk/acoustic circuit. I didn't usually perform sitting down or wear a dress, but apparently, this was the "Eyeglass & Muumuu Tour."

*Right Turn addiction treatment center was founded by our drummer Woody Giessmann and offers many evidence based treatment programs to those battling drug and alcohol addiction and presenting co-occurring disorders in Watertown, MA. This rehab center was founded in 2003 and has transformed countless men's and women's lives for the better with personalized behavioral healthcare and comprehensive substance abuse treatment.

Below is “Isabella” from the Band reunion we did the very next night at Atwood's Tavern in Somerville, MA.  Woody had a brain eruption a month or so before–in a perfectly poetic Spinal Tap move–and was still in deep recovery.  Scott Mitchell, our drummer circa 1993-94 subbed for Woody while our bassist Brian Karp came up from NY.  We were all pulling cobwebs from our hair that night.