Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Songwriting


Acoustic or Electric Guitar – Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Classical, Sight Reading, Improvisation and Theory. 

Recommended ages:  5+ for Ukulele, Age 6+ for Guitar, Age 8+ for Bass.  Also teaching Interdisciplinary classes such as History of Rock, Blues in Our Culture, Guitar Theory, Songwriting and Social Justice. 

PlayguitarLA is musician and teacher Laurie Geltman

offering instruction in Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Songwriting, Pop and Rock ensembles and Music Theory to individuals and groups throughout LA County.

Lessons can be in your home, my studio or on Zoom.


Laurie helped me learn to play the guitar completely from scratch. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the guitar. She is an enthusiastic yet patient teacher who helped me not only learn, but to enjoy playing. With the knowledge that I took from her lessons, I recorded my original songs and started playing in a band!” - Georgia T
Before starting lessons with Laurie I considered myself incapable to do many things such as soloing and applying difficult techniques to my playing. I'm now able to play in front of people and feel entirely comfortable thanks to her, and have never once felt an ounce of regret for starting these lessons!” - Sheyna A.

Individuality & Songwriting

Every student is unique and learns differently

For students wanting to explore songwriting, we look at the music that moves them and together we look at the elements used, to hone in on making the music they'd want to hear themselves.

Learning guitar has completely shaped my understanding of music and composition. It has given me the tools to find my own voice in music and evolve as a musician. I always find purpose in our lessons, even just with talking about music or jamming, I always have something to take away from it. Every new skill, technique, or chord Laurie has taught me has opened up new doors of expression and inspiration, fueling my passion and shaping my musical identity. ” - Gemma W.

I put a lot of emphasis on playing with my students in every lesson so they develop good rhythm. It's also fun to "jam" and give them the sense of what it's like when playing with other people.

Ukulele is for every age!

but perfect for little fingers...

Once you've moved through playing songs and getting a lot of "shapes" under your fingers, we can move to guitar or continue getting deeper into Uke. 

I've been playing bass for about 2-3 years now, and Laurie has made it so much easier to learn. When I have trouble with something, we go through it together. Her lessons are challenging, but fun, and I can't recommend her enough.” - Brandon K.
Laurie taught both my son and myself guitar! Honestly, besides being an awesome teacher and musician in her own right, Laurie brought an immense amount of caring, understanding and compassion to her teaching. I highly recommend her!” - Denise W.
I took lessons from Laurie throughout middle and high school. Her vast knowledge of various genres, ranging from rock, jazz, to classical and improvisation, inspired me to continue making music and adapt stylistically as an artist to this day. I am now 27 and producing and recording music professionally. ” - -Ben S. (Ex Wiish, Beshken)
My goal is to make guitar a part of your life whether hobby, self-expression or career!” - Laurie G