New Song Released 3/1/24

"Break Up This Fallow Ground"

“Laurie Geltman follows her dreamy ode to the epiphanies of pop radio, ‘Radio,’ with the lovely, austere ‘Break Up This Fallow Ground,’ a song about barren souls and tentative hope.

It's a remarkably assured track that accents Geltman's impressive vocal and songwriting strengths. The eerie song opens with a spare guitar that hovers and haunts throughout, as Geltman sings of "some hearts too cold to turn." While the track is laden with melancholy and sadness, it ultimately hints at possibility and renewal. 

Geltman's aching vocal reflects someone who has seen too much and received too little while moving forward with the hope of harvesting the fruits of life. You don't have to be a Bible scholar to know that we break up the fallow ground (shake off stasis or, perhaps, bring order to personal chaos) to live more fulfilling lives and transcend what keeps us from growing. Perfectly suited for a Wim Wenders film, ‘Break Up This Fallow Ground’ is Geltman's soundtrack for the hesitant steps toward existential peace." 

-Ken Capobianco
Freelance Music Critic; Boston Globe, Staff writer Smooth Jazz News

 The Single "Radio" Out Everywhere
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"Radio (Single) Cover by Juliet Gilden IG: @juliets_paintings

Laurie Geltman wraps a lifetime of music fandom into three glorious minutes of pop. "Radio" is a love letter to those songs that you can't forget, the ones that hit your heart at first listen. And wouldn't you know, "Radio" is exactly that kind of song.” - -Brett Milano

— Author, Music Critic; Boston Herald, New Orleans OffBeat, and UMusic

A Songwriter's rocker: Laurie Geltman has always been equal parts rocker and urban songwriter...She has a knack for what songwriters call killer lines, the single image or captured moment that tells a life story in a few words. The CD [Motion Pictures] also highlights her charisma; no matter how hard this woman rocks, she never seems to be putting on an act.” - Scott Alarik

— Boston Globe

Geltman's comfortable playing full-tilt rock as well as introspective acoustic ballads. She's the whole package.” - Ken Capobianco

— Billboard

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