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Coming Soon: The Music Video for "Break UpThis Fallow Ground."

1 month on the road, 8k miles, 2 humans, 1 dog (Hank!) , shot on samsung s21 Ultra

Just before the Corona Delta strain hit the States, we hit the road with our dog Hank.  The purpose was to see friends and family along the way, but also for me to shoot as much of this beautiful country to help tell the tale of this song I had written.  I shot a lot of farms, silos, hay, churches, national parks, highways, animals, signs and symptoms of our fractured nation.  I can't wait to share this.

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"Break Up This Fallow Ground" follow up to "Radio"

Out everywhere on Friday, MARCH 1st

Written while waiting out the pandemic in Los Angeles, April 2020. I recorded most of it in one very long night in Oct 2020—I had just bought my new J-Bass and loved playing it on this track. That's when I started dubbing my makeshift living room set-up  "My Pseudio" (aka Two Side Tables and a Microphone.)

 Later, my friend Aaron Tap put my Garageband tracks into Logic and cleaned them up considerably. Listen for the choir that comes in at 2:29, Arr. by Paula Kelley (Drop Nineteens.) She and Aaron Tap sang like the good angels they are.  Aaron also mixed the song.  

As for the lyrics, the  process started with a one-word prompt "Burn" from a private international FB group called The Song Tribe that kept me busy, but also sane during the long shut-in.  I was writing quickly and intuitively during this time; I was just getting back into writing and not overthinking things so much.  "Burn" evoked farming imagery, so I started there and then went down some New Testament rabbit hole.  

The song has a very specific antagonist, but I left the choruses as a salve for the rest of us.  It's not meant to be politcal or religious, but more like a mantra; like someday this will all be behind us and we'll get along somehow.

  Good for solo drives, rainy afternoons alone drinking a cuppa, silent contemplation & possibly tears when no one’s looking. Somber, but soothing, hopeful and reflective.

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The MUSIC Video for “Radio” 

Premiered Worldwide 
on YouTube May 7th, 2023
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We're very proud of how it came out and hope you enjoyed the animated look inside my adolescent head!
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"Radio" (The Single) out digitally world-wide on Feb 17, 2023!

Hello! Kicking off the new year with a tune that hopefully takes you back to your bedroom as a kid, when you closed the door, put the music on and let your dreams and hopes fly.  The genre is part indie, part pop-soul, a lot of flow...I dunno! 

It'll all come to life in the animated video out in April that will recreate a little bit of my teenage world. We're so excited to share it with you & If you want to be among the first people to see it (before YouTube) please sign up on the mailing list before the single drops (2/17/23.)

Joining me on Zoom will be animator Jack Tenbusch and Artist/Painter Juliet Gilden for a short Q&A about our process and collaboration. We'll wrap it up with TWO random drawings for a Mug or T-shirt with the colorful “Radio” artworkI might give something else away…but it's a surprise!

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